Charismatic Branding

Creating a brand today can be extremely difficult. You have to consider the experience the user will get when they use the product or service, what kind of tribes will be created, will your customers be able to trust you, will you be innovative enough for consumers to want to use your product or service, and much more. Brands take time to make and it is important for teams to realize how important a consistent brand message is, while still being remarkable.

In the Brand Enrichment Report they discuss eight tactics that allow teams to creating effective brand value. The first is Pleasure. Pleasure is the most important of all dimensions. If you are able to put a smile on your customer’s face, then you have succeeded in that dimension. Second is Confidence. By being a confident brand, you are showing your customers that they can trust you and feel safe when using your product or service. It shows them that you are dependable, consistent, and secure in your brand. Third is Status. By first deciding to be a confident brand, you then allow your brand to become rare and impactful with your customers. It becomes a sort of luxury for those who choose to use it. For example, Lamborghini’s and other high priced vehicles are brands that can be found in the status category. Not just because they cost a fortune, but because they are a rarity on the road, and it’s a way for the customers to impress others.


Fourth is Responsibility. By keeping to your word, your brand gives the consumers a feeling that they are doing the right thing by using your product or service. It shows that you care about your customers and want the best for them. Next is Effectiveness. Very simply put, if your product or service works, then you’re doing your job right. You are reliable and your customers will know that. Sixth is Individuality. Similar to the Brand Gaps ideas of “Innovation” and “Differentiation,” Individuality is something that says, “I’m different.” It links to innovation by trying to be ahead of the curve and finding ways to stand out from other competitors. You are ignoring convention and discovering new ways to help your customers. Seventh is Saving, which is a bargain that makes the customers dollar go further. By selling the value and not just the price, your customer will get the feeling that they are getting more than what they are paying for. Finally, number eight: Belonging. Belonging goes along with finding tribes. It creates or reinforces a sense of group identity or connection. You can see that with Adobe Connect users. The customers feel like they are apart of something and it is an all-enveloping experience or movement.

And, in order to create a charismatic brand, people have to be willing to try new technologies. Refusing to do so is the gap that stands between them and making a lot of money. As a new brand, you have to find early adopters who are interested in your product or service, and want to stay with it regardless of the new things that are coming out. Recently, marketers for the new Carrie movie created a prank in a coffee shop in NYC that had a girl use her “telekinetic” powers on a man that spilled coffee on her computer.” Needless to say, it went viral and has the whole world talking!

Other ways to make your brand more charismatic is to spread virally by using mass marketing technologies. By winning over the majority of the mass market, you will be able to compete for people’s time and attention. By getting the early adopters to hold true to your product/service, then you can be a successful brand.