It’s a Way of Life

Successful brands are the ones who sell personalities versus selling a product. Because selling a product is really about emotions, creating personalities/ lifestyles help consumers relate to the meaning of the brand, rather than just the object they’re selling. In today’s society, selling a personality or lifestyle should be creative and push the boundaries to engage the customer. No longer are the repetitious, irritating ads that try to force their way into a consumers life.

So, when comparing RedBull, Gatorade, and Mountain Dew, it’s easy for me to decide who has the best customer engagement…

#1 RedBull

To me, RedBull was  just another energy drink. Sure, their commercials and products can be easily identified but, overall I was never truly impressed by their brand as a whole. That was until I dug a little deeper. First, the RedBull  has one of the most well-organized and interactive websites I have stumbled upon over the past few years. They have close to 40 million likes on Facebook, 1.08 million followers on Twitter, and have put Instagram to use in the best way possible. RedBull is a company that sells a lifestyle and just happens to have a product attached to the name. They inspire their customers to have a zest for life and push beyond the limits. Their “commercials” are mini shows in between your regularly scheduled programming. They are invested in creating something that will leave an impression, and that is certainly something they’ve done successfully. After perusing their sites and watching their online TV channel, I wanted to be apart of their lifestyle. I became consumed in finding out more about RedBull and the things the brand has helped others accomplish simply by selling a way of life. And to be honest, regardless of how high-tech our society gets, people will always be fascinated by things that fly, so RedBull’s slogan is nothing short of perfect: It Gives You Wings.

#2 Gatorade

What I was sure would smash the competition, fell tremendously short. Recently, Gatorade has been trying to do too much. For one, they change their slogan every few months. Two, they are only selling a product. Three, it feels targeted to professional athletes. Though I am a fan of the actual drink, I think their marketing strategies are predictable and lacking creativity. Gatorade is so focused on having professional athletes endorse their brand that they forget about connecting with their target audience; those of us who play sports for fun, or in high school or college. So, though they may have a lot of star power, their customer engagement lacks considerably. They hardly have any contests and they fail to incorporate any events into their brand.

#3 Mountain Dew

A brand that has been struggling since it was first created, lands at the bottom of my rankings. Though Mountain Dew has increased its efforts and has tried to incorporate more new media, their website is confusing and hard to navigate, and they hardly advertise on television anymore. The only things I think about when Mountain Dew comes to mind is the “Dew Tour” and NASCAR. The brand’s online presence is lacking compared to the other two drinks and they have recently come under fire about what some are calling “the most racist commercial.” The only decent thing I found on their website were the “living photos” of some of their promotions. This is definitely not how you “dew.”