They Love It, Do You?

We all have brands we know and love. Brands that we could never imagine switching from, no matter what. Personally, I have a handful of brands that have become a sort of habit for me. I find myself going directly to them whenever I enter a mall, grocery store, or even when I’m shopping online. So, I decided to ask some of my friends what their favorite brands were and why they loved them.

Interview #1 – Tierney Guido

6026687201_bc002092ba“Nike!” There was no hesitation for Guido when I asked her what’s her favorite brand. When asked why she said, “It makes me feel confident. It makes me want to be a better athlete. Nike inspires you to keep striving, to be the best.” As a Nike supporter myself, I’d have to agree with her. Guido and I both agree that, when we are interested in buying a new pair of shoes, Nike is the first website we visit. The company allows you to design your own shoe, which gives the maker a chance to have a say in what the Nike brand is. It can make the user feel empowered and even more confident in the product they have fallen in love with. Not only are Nike shoes comfortable and durable, but the company has found a way into other markets. The Nike brand is another aspect of why Guido loves them. They inspire all athletes to feel confident in their apparel. Their advertisements and message they put out to consumers embodies what every athlete should strive for. The swoosh symbolizes more than a brand. It symbolizes how you can be better, or get better. Just do it.

Interview #2 – Grace Elkus

2720490429_b03a369097Elkus had a harder time deciding what her favorite brand is. She named a few, but upon further questioning and prying, we found that she would just as easily use another brand if it were more available than another. After a good ten minutes of discussion, she finally thought of something: the app and website, urbanspoon. She said, “it has a good ranking system for restaurants and has good category breakdowns.” Since she is a vegetarian, the category breakdown allows her to find restaurants that are vegetarian friendly. When asked about using similar apps like “Yelp” she said that she still preferred urbanspoon because of its design, it is much more pleasing to the eye. Urbanspoon is a great app and website that offers the user with a quick way to find food around their current location. The app even goes as far as to recommend the best dishes at the restaurant of your choice. So, get the app today and narrow your search…restaurant, city, neighborhood, cuisine…

Interview #3 – Tracy Raetz


Finally, Raetz said she started using this product at 13 and hasn’t switched yet! Her mother recommended it and since then it has become a habit. Raetz said, “I just remember it being a bid deal…and now it’s part of my routine.” When I asked Raetz if she had used any other products she said no. When prying further, I found that she feels clean and fresh after she uses the Clinique 3 step skincare treatment. “It works well,” is all she had to say. I visited the Clinique website after talking to Raetz to see if they would have a three step treatment for me. Turns out they have a full consultation survey, for free, where their website determines what kind of treatment would be best for your skin type. I’ll have to admit, I was tempted to buy what they recommended to see if what Raetz said is true, that you feel clean and refreshed after using it. But, I have a few questions about Raetz’s “habit”…had her mother bought her a different three step treatment when she were 13, would she still use it today? Has Clinique just become a habit or is it truly a brand she couldn’t give up?

Nike Image from Flickr user riddelt
Urbanspoon Image from Flickr user JillWillRun
Clinique Image from Flickr user seowjiayi1014